If you are planning to join the many Marquette students who help finance their education through part-time employment, Marquette’s Student Employment Services is a great place to start. We offer:

  • JobConnection, a Web-based job board, which provides access to all on- and off-campus job openings, including job descriptions, contact information, wages required, hours and instructions for application
  • Assistance for students experiencing difficulties locating jobs
  • Development of new on- and off-campus jobs
  • Assistance to students seeking community service federal work-study opportunities. (Information about our job search process is available on our Web site starting July 15.)

Finding a job

Because on-campus job vacancies are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, we recommend that you begin looking for a job in early August or during New Student Orientation. Once you secure a job, you can arrange work around your academic schedule.

Student employment information is available at SPARK. In the meantime, if there is a particular area or department you'd like to work in, you may contact the department directly. If you have federal work study and you get a job with an approved off-campus employer, that agency will need to hire you through JobConnection and your payroll check will come from Marquette.

It’s Not Only About the Money

OK, it may be mostly about the money. But besides the financial benefits of working on campus, you also will find that working on campus will help you develop good work habits as well as time-management and interpersonal skills.

Work Programs

Federal work-study program
Federal work-study jobs are available in a majority of campus departments as well as several off-campus non-profit agencies. FWS is awarded based on financial need. All part-time job opportunities on campus are coordinated through Student Employment Services in Marquette Central.

Note: Students wishing to accept FWS for fall must complete verification (if selected) by August.

Marquette student employment
Marquette student employment is employment on or off campus that is not federally funded. You are not limited to the amount listed on the financial aid award.

Please note: Marquette student employment and federal work study are not the same thing. When hired on campus, it is very important that the student and employer understand which program the student is eligible for.

What You'll Need

Before you work on campus, you must complete a federal I-9 form, available on Marquette Central's Web site. To ensure a smooth employment application process, be sure to provide all documentation requested by the I-9.

Important Note About Student Work and Financial Aid

Though your financial aid notification may show a certain amount awarded for student employment, do not include that dollar figure when planning how to cover your direct Marquette charges. There are two reasons for this:

1. The wages you earn from a student job, whether on or off campus, are not credited directly to your student bursar account. You will be paid biweekly.

2. You must obtain a job and earn any awarded work program dollars before you can apply it toward any expenses, whether they're Marquette expenses or personal expenses.

3. Student employees are paid electronically. Sign up for direct deposit in your CheckMarq account. You may want to establish a campus bank account with Town Bank.

Looking for a Job on Campus?

There are plenty of opportunities to work on Marquette’s campus. Some possibilities include:

  • Campus Safety workers
  • Residence hall desk receptionists
  • Admissions office tour guides
  • Food service workers
  • Laboratory assistants
  • Facilities Services workers
  • Parking office assistants

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for on campus, Milwaukee-area businesses and non-profit agencies are always looking for student workers.