Transfer Planning Guide: College of Education

Marquette's College of Education is committed to preparing teachers and educational specialists who uphold the Jesuit traditions of cura personalis — care for the whole person — social justice, academic excellence, ethical behavior and service to the urban community. As a Marquette education student, you will:

  • Major in education and a content area of your choice
  • Participate in service learning, extensive fieldwork and/or student teaching that enriches you personally and prepares you to be an excellent educator
  • Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with schools, families and community organizations
  • Graduate as an expert educator in accordance with Jesuit traditions and ideals
  • Benefit from the preparation provided by the Hartman Literacy and Learning Center
  • Have the opportunity to study abroad

Use the below courses to prepare yourself to transfer to Marquette's College of Education. The courses listed (and their equivalents at other institutions) lay the foundations for an exemplary study of teaching. 

For more detailed program and course descriptions, please visit Marquette's online bulletin here.

Recommended Courses

Course Number

Course Title

EDUC 1000 Educational Inquiry 1: Critical Perspectives on Education
EDUC 1001 Psychological Development: Children and Adolescents

ARSC 1020 or

BIOL 1420 or

PHYS 1007 or

PHYS 1009

Major Concepts in Modern Science

Introduction to Environmental Biology

Survey of Meteorology

Earth & Environmental Physics

MATH 2030* Problem Solving and Reasoning for Teachers
MATH 2031* Number Systems and Operations for Elementary Teachers
MATH 2032* Algebra and Geometry for Teachers

*Elementary/Middle majors only