Prayer for Choosing a State of Life

From all eternity, O Lord, you planned my very existence
and my destiny. You wrapped me in your love in
baptism and gave me the faith to lead me to an eternal
life of happiness with you.

You have showered me with your graces and you have
been always ready with your mercy and forgiveness
when I have fallen. Now I beg you for the light I so
earnestly need that I may find the way of life in which lies
the best fulfillment of your will.

Whatever state this may be, give me the grace necessary
to embrace it with love of your holy will, as devotedly
as your Mother did your will. I offer myself to you
now, trusting in your wisdom and love to direct me in
working out my salvation and in helping others to know
and come close to you, so that I may find my reward in
union with you for ever and ever.