An Alumni Prayer for Marquette

Lord God,
I thank you for the gift of my Marquette education.

As the interval grows longer
between that blessed event in my life and the present,
my memory is less distinct even as my heart grows fonder for my friends
whom I met in those years and who have been with me since.

Bless the faculty,
who tried hard to get me to learn more.

Bless my parents,
who made Marquette possible for me
and who continue to provide me with love and encouragement.

Inspire young men to become Jesuits,
so that future generations of Marquette students
can benefit from their insight and devotion to Christ.

As happened to me in Joan of Arc Chapel,
inflame the hearts of current students
to aspire to great acts of love and commitment.

Guide the faculty
to touch the hearts of current students,
just as they awakened awe and wonder in me.

Grant success to the many projects
that current students undertake.

All this we ask through Christ our Lord.

— Rev. John Piderit, S.J., b. 1944