Reflection for Health Care Workers

Jesus carried ... (people’s) dis-ease. He bore the burden
of responsibility for their lack of comfort and walked with
them towards wholeness. He didn’t shun the helpless or
belittle the frail. He reached deep into his own wellness
and offered them healing. His was the behavior of the
servant, a suffering servant. Jesus was willing to endure
pain so others could live with less pain. . . he was willing
to suffer ultimate rejection, even rejection from his own
religious tradition, so others could have his word.

Service costs. The servant suffers. There is the
preoccupying agony of caring till it hurts. The sacrifice of
time. The struggle to talk when every word aches. And
no guarantees. Suffering servanthood is only for those
who take following seriously. It is for those who can carry
others because they have carried themselves first.

— Fran Feder