A Lenten Prayer

God of peace,
you do not want us to know relentless worry
but rather a humble repentance of heart.
It is like a surge of trusting that enables us to place our faults in you.
And then, by the inner light of forgiveness,
little by little we discover a peace of heart.

Christ of compassion,
through your Gospel we discover
that measuring what we are or what we are not leads nowhere.
What matters is the humble trusting of faith.
By it we are led to glimpse the innocence of God
And to understand that “all God can do is give his love.”

Holy Spirit,
even when we can feel nothing of your presence, you are always there.
You remain continually active in us,
opening little ways forward to escape from our dead ends
And to move towards the essential of faith, of trust.

May we ever keep safe in all its fullness
the gift your love once gave
and your mercy now restores.


— Taizé, adapted