Welcome to the Fotsch Innovation and Engineering Leadership Development (FIELD) Center

Innovation: companies need it, products claim it, and everyone seems to want it.

Saying you’re innovative does not make it so, and technology and processes alone do not drive innovation. People drive innovation. Innovation requires leadership from people who can see a different future - a better way - and are driven to make that vision a reality.

Innovation is driven by leaders with a mindset to see beyond the status quo, to identify problems worth solving, and the courage to go do it; a heart set that is grounded in strong values that commits them to the service of others and the world; and the skill set to bring others along with them, harnessing the strengths of a diverse team of people in their pursuit of the best idea and outcome possible.

The FIELD Center develops leaders who use their talents in the service of and with others, to think creatively, act boldly and deliver value by addressing the world's most significant challenges. We challenge conventional thinking about innovation by creating a platform to uncover and share new ideas that push boundaries and embrace the Jesuit idea that we are best served learning how to think, instead of what to think.

Who do we serve?

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Undergraduate Students

Excellence in Leadership (E-Lead)
 E-Lead a curricular innovation leadership development program for undergraduate students across the disciplines at Marquette. Through a curriculum rooted in the Jesuit tradition, E-Lead students progress through a three-year program focused on leading oneself, leading with others and leading innovation. Students apply in their sophomore year, earning academic credit for their classroom and experiential innovation leadership learning. Learn more.

Additional campus programming
In an effort to broaden E-Lead's impact beyond program participants, the FIELD Center will occasionally offer additional sessions of select E-Lead workshops. These additional sessions vary each year and are made available publicly or to specific student groups.

Lifelong Learners

Igniting Insights: Innovation Leadership
This unique program, powered by Marquette University’s Innovation Alley in partnership with the Fotsch Innovation and Engineering Leadership Development (FIELD) Center, is a 7-week virtual learning experience that provides leaders with the tools they need to lead innovation in today’s ever-changing environment.
Next offering: Spring 2024, January 29 - March 17

Additional programming and workshops
Stay tuned for unique workshops and events in the future as we continue to develop new programs and adapt existing content for new audiences.

Corporate and Community Partners

Customized leadership development programs
The FIELD Center partners with organizations across industries, locations, and sizes to co-develop leadership development programs to support your teams. Previous partnerships have been offered virtually, at company sites, and on Marquette's campus. Recent partners include global engineering teams, local non-profit executive teams, and more. Learn more.