• Rita Aleman. Program Manager, Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education, Law School.

  • Dan Bergen. Executive Director, Office of Community Engagement

  • Mary Czech-Mrochinski. Associate Vice President for Public Affairs

  • Valerie Del Campo. Executive Vice President, MUSG

  • Kathy Coffey-Guenther. Associate Vice President of Mission and Ministry

  • Meredith Gillespie. President, MUSG

  • Angie Harris. Associate Professor and Director of Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Joya Crear. Assistant Vice President, Division of Student Affairs

  • Tammy Johnson. Assistant Director, University Special Events/Office of Public Affairs

  • Brandon Koble. Graduate Student Organization President

  • Madeline Nordholm. Graduate Student Organization Community Integration Chair

  • Amanda Gottheardt. Project Specialist, Office of Marketing and Communication

  • John Su. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (steering committee chair)

  • William Welburn. Executive Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Susan Longhenry. Director, Haggerty Museum of Art

  • Robert Smith. Harry G. John Professor and Director of the Center for Urban Research, Teaching, and Outreach

  • Amber Wichowsky. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

The Educational Opportunity Program's 50th anniversary committee is closely linked to the Marquette Forum's committee this year.


Dr. John Su
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs 
Office of the Provost
(414) 288-3476