The OGC is the principal representative for legal matters involving Marquette University. Major areas include:

Contracts and Leases

The OGC reviews and prepares a wide variety of contracts including equipment leases, real estate contracts and leases, affiliation agreements for student clinical training, and contracts for services. Under the University Policies and Procedures 1-06, contracts and leases over $10,000, except for University Purchase Orders using OGC approved statements of work or standard OGC approved contract forms, are to be submitted to the OGC for review and approval. The OGC has also developed form agreements for use by the University community.

Notary Services

The OGC is able to notarize documents. Please call the office to schedule an appointment at 414-288-7343.

Employment Law

The OGC counsels and participates in all aspects of the employment process including hiring, discipline and termination of employees, as well as representing the University in employment claims before state and federal regulatory agencies.

Student Matters

The OGC participates as needed in administrative and disciplinary matters involving students. It also provides advice with regard to student activities. Note, the OGC does not provide counsel to students regarding personal legal problems.

University Policies and Procedures

The OGC reviews proposed changes to University policies and procedures such as the various employee and faculty handbooks, the student handbook and the Graduate School Bulletin. The OGC also reviews various federal, state and local laws applicable to University operations.

Intellectual Property

The OGC provides counsel on patent, copyright and trademark matters affecting the University. It works closely with the University's Office of Corporate Engagement on matters involving technology transfer.

Real Estate

The OGC provides assistance with the purchase, sale and lease of real estate. We also provide counsel on other real estate matters such as property tax and environmental matters.


The OGC provides general tax advice to the University including withholding tax issues, tax-exempt status matters, taxability of scholarships and disclosure requirements on IRS Form 990. It also provides counsel on sales and property tax questions.


The OGC assists faculty and other employees with employer sponsored immigration and visa applications and extensions. (Student visas are handled by the Office of International Education).