Art Asks: Now & Then

This collaboration between the Haggerty Museum of Art and the Ott Memorial Writing Center at Marquette University invites members of the campus community to enjoy two art forms – visual art and language arts – together. Visit the Haggerty in person or online to find specially selected artworks paired with viewing and writing prompts inspired by the semester-long theme of Now & Then.

At the Haggerty Museum of Art, art is an instrument for reflection, connection, empathy and action. Through art we ask challenging questions, and invite you to answer.

The average person spends just fifteen seconds looking at a work of art in a museum. Try slowing down.

Close observational looking can lead to deeper, more meaningful reflection. In many ways, reading an image can be like reading a written text:*

  • Connect – Describe: What do I recognize or see in this work of art?
  • Visualize – Analyze: What is going on in this work of art?
  • Predict – Interpret: What emotions are expressed in this work of art? What was the artist’s message?
  • Question – Evaluate: How might this work of art effect the people who see it?

*Adapted from Literacy & Visual Arts, Kellene Champlain, 1/98

Click each month below to find customized viewing and writing prompts for works of art from the collection of the Haggerty Museum of Art. Post and tag your writing with #ArtAsks #HMA #OttWC