The Molecular and Cellular Core facility has proven to be of great significance to the scientists in the department of Biomedical Sciences in the area of molecular biology. Investigators and their respective students have relied on the core in this area of research. Some of the assays that the core has been consulted with are cloning strategy, standardization of Western blot analysis, designing PCR primers, and analysis of Q-PCR data. Our primary goal is to provide an additional support to our investigators through both our facility and expertise.

Equipment available

  • StepOne Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems)
  • 96-well thermal cycler for both PCR and cycle sequencing applications (Applied Biosystems)
  • Kodak Image Station 4000MM, for high quality imaging of chemiluminescent, fluorescent, in gels, and blots.
  • Mini format 1-D Electrophoresis System and PowerPac power supply (BIORAD)
  • Galaxy 170 R&S full-sized CO2 incubator
  • VistaVision inverted fluorescence microscope
  • Six-foot Labconco Class II Bio-safety hood
  • LN2 cryogenic Freezer