Neuro Recovery Clinic Facility

Our Location

The Marquette University Neuro Recovery Clinic is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the heart of the Marquette campus. We are on the first floor of Cramer Hall in the Schroeder-Cramer Complex at 604 North 16th Street.  There is a clinic parking lot located in between 16th St and 17th Street (enter on 17th St).  An accessible entrance is available.



The Marquette Difference

Within our academic setting we are able to utilize the equipment, resources and expertise of our high-level programs offered at Marquette. Research related to rehabilitation and exercise science is carried out within our same building. We collaborate with researchers to translate their research to the clinic and provide our clients opportunities to participate in research studies.  

* The Marquette University Physical Therapy program is ranked 15th in the country and the Speech and Language Pathology Program is ranked 69th by U.S. News and World Report.


Specialized Equipment

Our high-tech clinic environment provides our expert clinicians with the most updated tools to supplement care. The equipment listed here is not exhaustive but meant to provide information on unique technology available to us.

Treadmill Training and Over-Ground Walking Activities
Use of Aretech ZeroG and ZeroG Lite to provide Body-Weight Support Locomotor Training
within a safe environment. Allows participants to push beyond previous walking or standing
ability to get more results.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)
Use of the Restorative Therapies FES bike has been shown to reduce muscle atrophy, increase
circulation, improve or maintain range of motion, reduce muscle spasms, and promote muscle reeducation. This can lead to a decreased occurrence of complications such as skin breakdown,
contractures, poor glucose regulation, and cardiovascular deficiencies.
FES is available with arm or leg cycling.

Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
The Restorative Therapies XCite is a multiple channel electrical stimulation device used to improve activation and/or coordination of muscles related to specific movement patterns performed in everyday life. This intervention focuses on exciting the central nervous system to promote principles of neuroplasticity and task specific training and repetition while decreasing compensatory strategies.

Arm Technology Assisted Equipment
ReoGo: This is a comprehensive robot-assisted platform that facilitates high repetitions of engaging, functionally oriented arm exercises. The system combines personalized training programs and interactive games to allow both 2-D and 3-D movements for enhancement of motor and functional recovery of the upper extremities.
Smart Board and Smart Glove: The Neofect Smart Board and Smart Glove are virtually-reality adapted devices that work to improve range of motion and coordination at the shoulder, elbow, and hand.
Saebo Kit: Saebo Hand Treatment Kit is a comprehensive, upper extremity collection designed to treat acute and chronic neurological conditions throughout the continuum of care. The kit allows clinicians to intensify their treatment by addressing hand function, sensorimotor deficits, spasticity, soft-tissue management, subluxation, pain, and edema.


Balance and Sensory Integration

Bertec CPD/IVR: The Computerized Dynamic Posturography and Immersive Virtual Reality combines virtual environments with dual-balance force plate technology. This allowsassessment and targeted therapy assessments and interventions, especially for patients suffering from dizziness, balance problems and/or motion sensitivity.
Bertec Vision Trainer: Offers performance testing and training programs to quantifyreaction times,
eye-hand coordination, and visual memory.
Virtualis: A fully immersive virtual reality system that supports treatment in areas of balance, sensory integration, pain, coordination, and vestibular function.