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Competitive fellowships and scholarships offer unique opportunities, both nationally and internationally, to expand your horizons and deepen your understanding. Across a variety of fields and disciplines, they fund undergraduate and graduate degrees and projects as well as summer fellowships and internships.

Students find that application for these opportunities clarifies their career and professional goals, helps them establish stronger relationships with faculty and mentors, and makes them more competitive candidates for graduate and professional school and the job market. If you’d like more information or think you might be a competitive candidate, we invite you to browse this website and contact the advisers and offices listed here. We look forward to supporting you as you explore and apply!

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Congratulations to Kathryn (Kally) Higgins and Aidan Flanagan who were awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships for 2018–2019. Flanagan (HESC, Biomedical Sciences) will serve in Bulgaria and Higgins (HESC, Speech Pathology & Audiology and A&S Spanish) will be teaching at the Fundación Universitaria del area Andina in Bogotá, Colombia.