Dear Marquette University Family and Friends,

Welcome to our Sacred Spaces Pilgrimage Tour.

We hope you enjoy being introduced to — or getting reacquainted with — these beautiful spaces of art, history, reflection, prayer and serenity.

With our university located in the heart of urban Milwaukee, it can be easy to get caught up in the noise, energy and excitement of the city and campus life. We are blessed to be gifted with places across campus that give us reason to pause, taking a moment to reflect on the spiritual foundations of Marquette, which include the invitation to pray. These Sacred Spaces beckon us to remember not only our place in the world, on this campus, and in God’s love and care for us, but also our dynamic vocation to love, honor and serve our God and neighbor.

Each of the lovely and inspirational spaces described in this website underscores the higher purpose to live our lives with attention and intention. Each space reminds us of our unique call to live lives of meaning through which we can contribute to the greater good of our communities, our Churches and our world.

May you experience the blessings of faith and beauty on our campus and in our lives as you spend time enjoying Marquette’s Sacred Spaces.