Madonna Della Strada Chapel

Tour the Madonna Della Strada Chapel.

The Madonna Della Strada Chapel, named in honor of the first Jesuit church in Rome, offers Marquette community members a quiet, intimate space inside Zilber Hall, one of the university’s most active buildings.

The chapel features four glass panels imprinted with illustrations from The Saint John’s Bible. Colorful depictions of the Creation story, the Word made Flesh, the Suffering Servant, and the Resurrected Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene illuminate the chapel. Each one stands nearly 6 feet tall and serves as the chapel’s main visual draw.

This sacred space is available to all members of the Marquette community for prayer and meditation. Please maintain an environment of quiet reflection when using the chapel, and honor the prayerful silence of others. To reserve the chapel for liturgical purposes, contact the Office of Mission and Ministry in Zilber, 423.