Summer Studies - 2024

Summer Studies is a great way to do more with your summer. Get your degree faster or catch up on course work. Check off some requirements or check out some electives. With more classes available and more online options than ever, Summer Studies at Marquette is a great opportunity to get more out of your summer break.

Summer Studies offers:

  • The ability to add credits in a short period, shortening your time to degree
  • The flexibility of online course work
  • The opportunity to satisfy program or Core Curriculum requirements
  • A reduced tuition rate

Summer Studies considerations:

  • Summer Studies courses are the same as semester courses, only they are offered in a shorter time frame. They carry Marquette credit and count toward degree and major requirements like all other Marquette courses.
  • Summer Studies are offered at a reduced tuition.
  • Financial aid may be available for Summer Studies; refer to Marquette Central for eligibility/requirements and available options.
  • For full-time status, you must be registered for at least 12 credits in the fall and spring semesters. Summer Studies credits do not contribute toward a student’s full-time status for fall or spring semester.
  • Summer Studies tuition charges are separate from fall or spring semester tuition.
  • You may stay on campus in university housing.

Who can enroll?

  • Current undergraduate and graduate students at Marquette
  • Incoming freshmen who will attend Marquette in fall
  • Students from others colleges or universities, are welcome to enroll as visiting students

What about online classes?

Online courses are a popular option among Marquette students who do Summer Studies.

Online courses offer students the flexibility to work, travel or do an internship during summer and still take a class or two to meet requirements or lighten their load for fall or spring. Marquette’s online summer classes are taught by Marquette faculty for Marquette credit, so there is no worry about whether credits will transfer (as may be the case when taking classes elsewhere during summer). Find online classes during Summer Studies at Marquette Class Search.

When exactly is Summer Studies 2024?

Summer Studies at Marquette offers four different sessions in the summer.

Sessions 1 and 2 are the most popular choices – each session lasts six weeks and offers the same material and curriculum as a semester-long class. Visit Marquette Class Search to see what classes are offered and check availability of open seats.

  • Session 1: 05/20/2024 through 06/29/2024
  • Session 2: 07/08/2024 through 08/17/2024
  • Session 10B: 05/20/2024 through 08/03/2024
  • Session 9C: 05/28/2024 through 08/03/2024

Visit Academic Calendar 2024 for specific information about Summer Studies deadlines.