Staff Employee Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a standard work week?
    Sunday through Saturday
  2. What is considered overtime?
    37.5-40 hours is considered overtime at straight pay and anything over 40 hours is paid at time and one half. Work beyond your standard schedule must be approved by your manager.
  3. How do I correct my timesheet errors?
    An employee does not have the ability to edit their timesheet. You must contact your manager or time card approver to make any corrections.
  4. How does flextime work?
    With supervisor approval, an employee may request to use flextime during their standard work week. Any time flexed during the work week must be made up during that same work week. Granting or allowing flextime is at the sole discretion of management. Flextime may not interfere with the work or services carried out by the department and the university. Please note that Comp Time is not allowed per FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act).
  5. How do I log my time if I am working off campus?
    EmpCenter is web based and is available on any computer device. You may use your computer, iPad or even your phone if it has internet access. Employees must have prior approval from their manager before using an alternative method.
  6. Are the web clock and time clock interchangeable?
    An employee may use either clock at any time of the day to log their in and out times. For example, If an employee has a morning meeting at Raynor, they could use the Raynor time clock to log in their start time. Once they are back at their desk, they could use the web clock to log in and out for lunch or for the day. The ability to use either clock as a means to log in or out is left up to the discretion of the manager of the department.
  7. What do I do if I am sick and I call in?
    Begin by following your normal call in process for your department. The manager will be the one to go into your timesheet and edit your timesheet to show you are sick for the day.
  8. This process in new to me, what are the different ways I can use to remember to log my time each day?
    There are many different tips to remembering to log your time each day. You could create an Outlook reminder, set your home page to the web clock login or have it as a shortcut on your desktop. When you go to lunch, you should keep the web clock home page up on your computer so that when you come back from lunch it is the first thing you will see.
  9. I am not sure I remembered to clock in for the day, how do I find out if I did?
    You will log into the web clock, choose View Timesheet and there you will be able to see all your in and out times.
  10. I forgot to clock in or out, what do I do?
    You will contact your manager/time card approver by email or verbally, whichever process you have set for your department, to let them know the date and time you arrived or left work.
  11. What happens if I arrive late to work or come early to work?
    The time clock is set to round to the nearest quarter hour after a 7.59 minute grade period. For example, if you clock in at 7:50, the time in will round down to the nearest quarter which will be 7:45. If you were to clock in at 8:10, your time will round to 8:15.
  12. How do I request to use retreat time through EmpCenter?
    The use of retreat time is subject to the approval, per the policy outlined in the employee handbook. Upon approval, time used for a retreat should be entered as regular hours worked by your supervisor.