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"I'll read this later ... "

STOP! Don't click out of here just yet. Have you found that you tell yourself the following:

If you've said something like the above to yourself (or others), then you may need to stop procrastinating and get busy! Let us help you with the following tips:

  1. Set deadlines, and record them on a calendar. This allows you to visually see what and how much work you need to do.
  2. Know when and where you productively study. Use your daytime hours and time between classes as much as possible for studying. Are you distracted when you study? Change the time or day and/or location to one that works better for you.
  3. Break larger tasks into smaller chunks. You won't feel as overwhelmed if you do a little each day instead of waiting to do it all at once.
  4. Reward yourself! Give yourself an incentive to complete all or some part of the task. For example, treat yourself to watching your favorite show tonight (without guilt) for finishing your chemistry problems.

These few tips should help you get motivated and stop procrastinating. Stop by the Coughlin Hall, Room 125, or call (414) 288-4252 to make an appointment with a professional staff member who can help you put an end to procrastination.


About Academic Services

Academic Services is here to help students reach their academic and personal goals. We offer group and one-on one workshops about: