• Our program offers free group tutoring for a variety of subjects, with a focus on freshman and sophomore level courses. Each tutoring group includes one tutor and up to six students, meeting at the same time each week. Typically, our program offers over 400 tutoring sessions per week - every semester! Need additional help? Students are encouraged to utilize faculty office hours!

  • Summer Tutoring Information:

  • If you are seeking a tutor this summer for a Marquette course, please email tutoring@marquette.edu with your request. All tutoring will be held virtually.

    Courses we are supporting Summer 2022: ACCO 1030/1031, BIOL 1001/1002, CHEM 1001/1002, ECON 1103/1104, EXPH 2110,  NURS 2200, PSYC 1001

  • The Fall 2022 Tutoring sign-up will go live on the first day of class: 

  • Use the link to assist your sign-up process for Fall 2022 tutoring: Sign Up for Group Tutoring Video Instructions