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Time management: Who has time for that?

Any of this sound familiar?

If any (or all) of the above statements sound like you or someone you know, you may need to rethink how you organize (there's a new concept!) your study efforts. Try some of the tips below to begin managing your time more efficiently.

  1. Figure out available study time. Complete this quick worksheet to see how much time you spend on your college life.
  2. Know what gets a grade, and focus your energy on that. Get a big monthly calendar and write out ONLY the big things that get grades. If you check it every time you get ready for study, you'll always know which subjects need your immediate attention.
  3. Know what to focus on daily. Get a weekly date planner and record all assignments, social and personal information. Why keep that stuff in your head when you can write it all down and make room up there for studying those tough subjects?
  4. Get that overwhelming amount of work under control. Break larger tasks into smaller chunks, and give some time everyday to those smaller tasks.

These tips should help you begin managing your time effectively. Stop by the Coughlin Hall, Room 125 or call (414) 288-4252 to make an appointment with a professional staff member who can help you with time management.


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