The Air Force ROTC program consists of four components:  

 Aerospace StudiesLeadership LaboratoryPhysical Training and Field Training.


Cyber Patriot Camp hosted by Air Force ROTC

cyber patriot camp

During the week of June 7th, Detachment 930 coordinated with Marquette University’s Computer Science department to host an Air Force Association Cyber Camp.  The AFA Cyber Camp is an opportunity for teens to learn and practice cybersecurity skills. To test their new cyber skills, students can compete in the high school Cyber Patriot competition. Students and instructors, thanks for making it a great week!

 Welcome to Det 930 at Marquette University!


COVID-19 Impact on Events:  Because of the coronavirus pandemic, all events on the Marquette University campus must be approved.  Air Force ROTC follows Marquette's COVID-19 policies and Return to Campus protocols.