Alumni National Awards

Law School Award Recipients


Thursday, April 26
Reception: 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.; Conferral: 6 p.m.
Ray and Kay Eckstein Hall
1215 W. Michigan St., Marquette University campus

Wynn GriesbachAlumni of the Year Award
The Honorable William C. Griesbach, Arts ’76, Law ’79

Green Bay, Wis.

The Honorable William Griesbach has Marquette in his blood: His parents met as students at Marquette, his father taught in the Philosophy Department, and 10 of his 11 siblings hold Marquette degrees. After graduating from the Law School, William forged a distinguished career working in the courts of Wisconsin, culminating in his 2002 appointment as a U.S. District judge.

Wynn GriesbachThe Honorable James A. Wynn, Jr., Law ’79
Cary, N.C.

Nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as a federal appeals court judge in 2009, the Honorable James A. Wynn, Jr. - also a Marquette University trustee - has been a noble advocate for fair and impartial courts, equal access to justice, and the Law School.

McEssyLifetime Achievement Award
William H. McEssy, Arts ’61, Law ’64

Lake Forest, Ill.

Asked if there is a book he would recommend to a young professional in his field, Bill quips, “Yes, but my book isn’t finished yet.” It’s a safe bet that any tome penned by this tremendously successful entrepreneur and devoted Catholic philanthropist would be quite a page-turner.

DarniederHoward B. Eisenberg Service Award
Julie Johnson Darnieder, Law ’78

Shorewood, Wis.

As an original organizer of the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinics, Julie Johnson Darnieder created a way for law students to serve the community and build on what they learn in the classroom. The clinics are just one of the many ways this top Milwaukee lawyer has served her community and her alma mater.

KumkeCharles W. Mentkowski Sports Law Alumna of the Year Award
Jessica A. Kumke, Law ’08

Milwaukee, Wis.

Jessica Kumke says she was on the quiet side as a Marquette Law School student, but Marquette's National Sports Law Institute Director Paul Anderson took a personal interest in her success. He entrusted her with a new student internship opportunity with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee athletics compliance office. Now, Jessica works there as an assistant director.