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Opus College of Engineering
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Photo of Ramzi HermizRamzi Y. Hermiz, Eng '87
Northville, Mich.

“We all have our place, so don’t quit before you get there.” That one memorable sentence, spoken by one of his professors at Marquette, sparked the beginning of the drive for success for Ramzi.

Ramzi cultivated that spark into a successful career, and with his passion for cars, found his “place” climbing the corporate ladder within the automotive industry. Ramzi serves as president and CEO of Shiloh Industries, an innovative solutions provider focusing on lightweighting technologies that provide environmental and safety benefits to the mobility market. Since joining the company in 2012, he has repositioned the once regional company into a global technology leader with locations throughout Asia, Europe and North America, and more than doubled its revenue to over $1 billion annually.

As a champion of sustainability, Ramzi’s commitment to protecting and conserving the global environment is evident through Shiloh’s many landfill-free facilities, as well as their focus on improving fuel economy, reducing greenhouse gases and increasing recyclability.

Though Ramzi originally had other plans for college, he believes choosing to earn his degree from Marquette was the right decision. The quality of education, the real-world challenges he experienced and the lifelong friends he made helped him to become the man he is today.

“Over the 30 years since graduation, I have raised a family, lived on three continents, battled cancer, achieved professional success and received numerous awards. The Alumni Award, however, is on a different level, as this brings me back to where it all started, where my education of life began.”

He says his journey proves life doesn’t always go according to plan, but with a bit of tenacity, anything is possible.

Fun Fact: Ramzi is a member of the board of trustees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, current chairman of the Automotive Hall of Fame, and current chairman for the automotive industry association OESA.