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All-University Awards
Saturday, April 27
Cocktails: 6 p.m.; Dinner: 7 p.m.
Alumni Memorial Union, 1442 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Black tie

Photo of Jim SartoriAlumnus of the Year Award
James C. Sartori, Bus Ad ’77

Plymouth, Wis.

Jim was just 30 when he took the reins of his family’s Wisconsin-based cheese business in 1986. Under his savvy leadership, Sartori Company’s products have become premium international retail brands that regularly win awards, while the company itself has remained true to its family and artisan values.

Photo of Barry CosgroveProfessional Achievement Award
Barry C. Cosgrove, Jour ’79

Laguna Beach, Cailf.

“The guts to try, the heart to care and the resolve to Be The Difference.” It’s a message of inspiration in the Marquette community, a statement to essentially define the Marquette student. And it captures, perfectly, Barry’s approach to a life and career defined by self-made success.


Photo of Ignace FamilyService to the Community Award
The Ignace Family
Dr. Gerald L. Ignace, Med ’65
Georgianna Webster Ignace, Sp ’88
Dr. Lyle A. Ignace, Arts ’92
Thekla Ignace Wald, Arts ’97

Brookfield, Wis

As Native Americans descended from the Coeur D’Alene and Menominee tribes respectively, Gerald and Georgianna have long been involved in efforts to improve Native health care. Along the way, they have instilled in their children, including Lyle and Thekla, the importance of service to the Native community


Photo of AndrycsService to Marquette Award
Nancy Schmid Andryc, Bus Ad ’79, and Joel J. Andryc, Sp ’79

Playa Vista, Calif.

Breaking into the entertainment industry is notoriously tough, but showbiz-bound Marquette students and alumni can count on two valuable connections in Hollywood: Nancy and Joel. Their passion for helping their Marquette community has inspired an influential network of engaged West Coast alumni.


Photo of Sherry ZhangSpirit of Marquette Award
Dr. Yi Sherry Zhang, Grad ’07

Brookfield, Wis.

A molecular biologist by training, Dr. Sherry Zhang also has entrepreneurship in her DNA. Her latest startup company, GenoPalate, combines genetic and nutrition analysis to offer insights for eating smart and healthy. It also combines Sherry’s expertise in human population genomics with her strong desire to help others.

American OrthodonticsFriend of the University Award
American Orthodontics Corporation

Sheboygan, Wis.

Through innovative product development and a strong culture of serving others, American Orthodontics is dedicated to creating beautiful smiles. Its generous support of Marquette initiatives, says President Michael R. Lovell, is “creating a legacy of caring and kindness that goes far beyond our university and students.”






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