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Photo of Pam PetersPamela Moehring Peters, Bus Ad '70
John E. Peters, Bus Ad '69
Naples, Fl.

A team committed to their community — this best describes Pam and John. They strive to use the values of their Marquette background to support others in a positive way.

John and Pam’s pride in Marquette has always been obvious. They graduated from Marquette, worked at Marquette, met at Marquette and stay connected to Marquette.

Pam was president of the Association of Marquette University Women and John stayed connected to Marquette by serving on various committees. For years, they have enjoyed hosting Marquette events from Minocqua, Wisconsin, to Naples, Florida. In 2000 John and Pam were presented with the Marquette Club of Chicago Community Service Award.

After serving as a vice president at Marquette, John began his 45-plus-year career in financial services: senior vice president, managing director and board member at Loewi & Co; senior vice president, managing director, division president at Kemper Financial Services; president of Dreman Value Management; president and currently vice chairman of OakRidge Investments. Whether in the board room or a volunteer committee, he especially appreciates working with others who have been influenced by Jesuit education.

Service has always revolved around family and community for Pam and John — in the Milwaukee area, Lake Forest, Illinois, and Naples, Florida. They have served in leadership roles on numerous boards and committees including United Way, Hadley School for the Blind, Art Institute of Chicago Auxiliary Board, Neighborhood Health Clinic as well as school boards and parents’ associations in each of their children’s schools. Regardless of titles or positions, each organization they gave their time to benefitted from Pam and John working together.

Pam and John hope that their everyday lives continue to reflect their Marquette foundation and influence those around them in a positive way.

Fun Fact: As Marquette students, John was a night security guard for the “new” residence hall, McCormick Hall, and Pam worked in the College of Business Administration office.