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Photo of Jennifer SchneiderJennifer Moen Schneider, Eng '03, Grad '06
Germantown, Wis.

Jen has had many roles working for Titan Spine, doing everything from product development to creating marketing materials when it was a mere startup. Now, 12 years later, she researches the science behind the company’s innovative technologies.

As the senior director of research and development, Jen explores cutting-edge ways to set Titan’s spinal implants apart from industry standards. Among the results: nanoLOCK®, the first cleared nanotechnology device for the spine that won the prestigious Whitecloud Award for Best Basic Science Research. She has also authored more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers and presentations and holds 10 U.S. patents, along with a number of additional patents pending.

Dr. Gerald Harris, professor in Marquette’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, first introduced Jen to the true impact abstract engineering concepts could have in the real world. “The moment I saw a video of a pediatric patient at the gait lab in class and learned that I could help support the health care team working with those patients, I was hooked.”

Now, Titan regularly hires Marquette graduates full time, thanks to the engineering co-op program Jen formed with her alma mater eight years ago. She continues to oversee its progress and hopes to expand the collaboration in the future, allowing more students to put their Marquette education and values to work.

“Marquette’s ‘Be The Difference’ always resonated with me, to use talents and resources to serve others,” she says. “I am successful when the people I support are successful: physicians, colleagues, our co-op students and ultimately, patients.”

Fun Fact:
Jen’s favorite Marquette memory is her wedding day; she and her husband, Tim, were married at Church of the Gesu.