Nick Curtis










Graduate Assistant 18-19







Director of Assessment

Dr. Nick Curtis is the Director of Assessment at Marquette University. In this role, Dr. Curtis provides leadership and support to the Marquette community, including academic departments, the Marquette Core Curriculum, and co-curricular units, in the assessment of student learning outcomes for the purpose of large-scale student learning improvement efforts.

Before joining Marquette, Dr. Curtis served as the Senior Learning Outcomes and Visibility Consultant for the Center for Assessment and Research Studies at James Madison University in Virginia, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Assessment and Measurement. Dr. Curtis remains an active teacher in higher education as well as an active researcher, reviewer, and presenter in state, regional, national, and international conferences and journals in assessment, education, and psychology.


Graduate Assistant

Margaret Stacy-Duffy is the Graduate Assistant in the Marquette Office of Assessment. She has been in this role since Fall 2017 as she works towards her degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education within the Educational Policy and Leadership department. In this role, Margaret enjoys discovering how assessment can be used to improve students’ experiences both within academics and student affairs.


Among other roles, the staff of the Office of Assessment:

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