Program History


In 2017 the Marquette University Athletic Training Education Program completed the transition to the Master's level. The undergraduate program had developed a long rich history of success and became a program respected nationwide beyond the campus of Marquette Univerisity. This program history of success has continued with the transition to the masters level.

Marquette Athletic Training students have compiled an impressive pass-rate on the BOC certification examination over the years. The current pass rate for athletic training graduates at Marquette can be viewed here: Current Marquette Athletic Training Program Outcomes

This success of our students has led to numerous employment opportunities following graduation and completion of MAT the program displayed by a near 100% employment placement by alumni. These positions have varied from traditional clinical settings to non-traditional settings across the country.

Marquette Athletic Training Alumni Employment

Here are some highlights from just a few of our Marquette athletic training alumni.



Caelan King-MU Class of 2021-Disneyland Resort; Anaheim, CA

From day one of starting with the Marquette MAT Program Caelan knew her goal as an athletic trainer, that goal was to work in performing arts as an athletic trainer. Upon graduation from the MU MAT program Caelan made the big decision to relocate to the West coast from her Midwest home and it quickly paid off! She was able to land her dream job of working in performing arts. She is employed by Select Medical working with the performing arts division of Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA.

During her time in the Marquette MAT program Caelan had the opportunity to work in the performing arts completing a portion of her clinical experiences with the Milwaukee Ballet.



Andrew Staehling-MU Class of 2018-Milwaukee Brewers Baseball

Throughout my time in the Marquette University Athletic Training program, I was able to work with high level athletics and athletic trainers who prepared me for the professional level athletics I work in today. From the time I stepped foot on campus, I was in the training room, watching, practicing, and learning from some of the best athletic trainers and faculty in the field. The learning environment they foster best prepared me for my professional baseball internship with the Milwaukee Brewers after my junior year and for my full immersive internship in division 3 athletics. Marquette provides an opportunity to work in the vast array of settings athletic trainers work in and prepare you for the whichever sport you have to face in the future. I’m thankful for my time at Marquette and thank all of the mentors who have helped me get to where I am today. We are and go Brewers!



Ben Stollberg-MU Class of 2009-Director of Sports Medicine; New Orlean Saints

In my current role I direct and oversee the overall healthcare for the entire New Orleans Saints organization. I am responsible for the management and coordination of physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other allied healthcare professionals for the total health and wellbeing of our players. I manage a staff of athletic trainers and physical therapists that provide daily care for our players ranging from injury risk reduction strategies, to initial injury evaluations, and injury rehabilitation among other duties.

My experience and education at Marquette helped establish a foundation of professionalism, medical knowledge, and critical thinking that set me apart from my peers early in my career. The relationships and connections I was able to make through Marquette helped place me in clinical settings that allowed me to use the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom to continually advance my career. My Marquette experience instilled in me a desire to constantly strive to critically assess how I treat my athletes to provide the best and most evidence based treatment methods available.

matt deal

Matt Deal-MU Class of 2015-Milwaukee Brewers Baseball 

From day one, Marquette gave me the training to be able to work in high level athletics. Unlike some other programs, I was working with D1 athletics throughout college. This training prepared me to not only care for D1 athletes, but prepared me to work with professional athletes. Marquette also helped me get my foot in the door with professional sports and the Milwaukee Brewers through my internship at the end of my junior year, along with my capstone internship my senior year. Without the training and the relationships gained through Marquette, I would not have ended up working as an Athletic Trainer for the Milwaukee Brewers today. In my current job as a Minor League Athletic Trainer, I'm tasked with managing the daily healthcare needs of one of our minor league affiliates.


What is an Athletic Trainer?

The profession of athletic training continues to grow. What was once only found in the “traditional” athletic setting, today athletic trainers can be found in a wide array of settings; including physician offices, industrial, public safety, and more. For more information check out this “What is an Athletic Trainer” video from the National Athletic Trainers Association. For more information about the Marquette of Athletic Training please see our “Welcome from Program Director” Chris Geiser.