5-year Accelerated Degree Program:

High school applicants to Marquette can apply for direct-admission to the 5 year ADP culminating in an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology (EXPH) and a Master’s degree in athletic training (MATR). Candidates apply to this program out of high school using the common application. The common application should prompt the applicant to submit an essay specific to the athletic training application during the process.

To complete the undergraduate and graduate programs in a total of 5 years at Marquette, students will need to have Exercise Physiology as their undergraduate major. Any student that is accepted to the MATR who did not list Exercise Physiology as their intended undergraduate major will be contacted to see if they desire to join this track, or if they wish to complete a different undergraduate major and the MATR instead in 6 years total.

2-year Professional Program:

For those interested in athletic training who already have or will have an undergraduate degree and the prerequisite coursework completed or in progress, you can apply directly to the professional (2 Year) phase of the MATR. This application process will be completed through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS), which can be found here:

Undergraduate major

Marquette is no longer admitting students to the undergraduate major in athletic training. Anyone interested in athletic training should visit the admissions page for the new “Master of Athletic Training” degree here.

Please contact the program director with any questions regarding the admissions process.