Dr. Chandra Jayakody
Research & Development Scientist
Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc.


Dr. Jayakody received his B.Sc, Postgraduate degree in Applied Statistics, and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and his Ph.D. degree in Organic/Polymer Chemistry from Marquette University (1990-1994), Milwaukee, Wisconsin under the guidance of Professor Charles A Wilkie.

After completing postdoctoral training at Professor Gordon L. Nelson's Polymer Flammability Research Laboratory at Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida, he joined Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc., a leading fire-resistant foam manufacturer located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania as a Research & Development Scientist. Dr. Jayakody is specialized in the field of fire retardant polymers, and has published/presented 35 papers including 3 book chapters in this field.

His current research interests are development of new fire-resistant foam materials. Dr. Jayakody is a member of the ASTM Committee E-05 on Fire Standards and also a member of the American Chemical Society.

His wife, Thilaka also received her MBA degree from Marquette University in 1998. She is currently a Tax Specialist at H&R Block, Latrobe Office. They both express their heartfelt gratitude to Marquette University for their current accomplishments. They are proud parents of two children, Nipuna and Thilani.

Selected Publications

1. Chandra Jayakody and Dan Myers. "Fire-Resistant Cushioning for the Transportation Industry", Fire Risk and Hazard Assessment Research Application Symposium, The Fire Protection Research Foundation, Baltimore, MD, July 24-26, 2002.

2. Chandra Jayakody, Dan Myers, Malcolm Crocker and Carl Ogburn. "Fire-Resistant Cushioning for Aircraft, Military, Surface Transportation, Mattresses, and Contract Furniture Applications" Poster Presentation, The Thirteenth Annual BCC Conference on Flame Retardancy, Stamford, CT, June 3-5, 2002.

3. Chandra Jayakody, Dan Myers, Malcolm Crocker, Kelly Bures, Jeff Bridge and Mark Brown. "Fire-Retardant and Physical Characteristics of Flexible Hybrid Polyurethane Foam Materials Prepared Utilizing Foam-One Technology" Proceedings in Polyurethanes Expo 2001 International Technical Conference and Exposition, Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry, Columbus, OH, pp 409-416, September 30-October 3, 2001.

4. Chandra Jayakody, Dan Myers, Malcolm Crocker, George Romanish, Jeff Bridge and Carl Ogburn. "AirflexÔ - A New Generation of Fire-Resistant Seat Cushioning Materials for Airline Industry" Presented at the 12th Annual BCC Conference on Flame Retardancy, Stamford, CT, May, 21-23, 2001.

5. Chandra Jayakody, Dan Myers, Usman Sorathia, and Gordon L. Nelson. "Fire-Retardant Characteristics of Water-Blown Molded Flexible Polyurethane Foam Materials" J. Fire Sciences, Vol. 18, pp 430-455, 2000.

6. Chandra Jayakody, Gordon L. Nelson, Usman Sorathia and Stephen Lewandowski. " A Cone Calorimetric Study of Flame Retardant Elastomeric Polyurethanes Modified with Siloxanes and Commercial Flame Retardant Additives" J. Fire Sciences, Vol. 16, No. 5., pp. 351-382, 1998.

7. Charles A. Wilkie, Masanori Suzuki, Xiaoxing Dong, Cyarthur Deacon, Chandra Jayakody, and Thomas J. Xue. " Grafting to Achieve Flame Retardancy" Polym. Degrad. Stabil., 54:117-124, 1996.

8. Chandra Jayakody and Charles A. Wilkie. " Chemically Initiated Graft Copolymerization of Acrylic Acid onto Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Terpolymer and Its Constituent Polymers" J. Polym. Sci., Part-A, Polym. Chem. 34:1113-1120, 1996.

9. Chandra Jayakody and Charles A. Wilkie. " The effect of Some Tin and Sulfur Additives on the Thermal Degradation of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)" Fire and Polymers, ACS Symposium Series, No. 599, Gordon L. Nelson Ed., Chapter 9, pp.126-135, 1996.

10. Chandra Jayakody and Charles A. Wilkie. "The Thermolysis of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) in the Presence of Phenyltin Chlorides, PhxSnCl4-x (x=1-3)" Polym. Degrad. Stabil. 45: 83-90, 1994.

11. Chandrasiri, J., Tillekeratne, L.M.V., Deraniyagala, S.A., Gottlieb, H.G. and Amarasekera, A.S. " Two new Bioactive Diterpenes from a Sri Lankan Soft Coral Sinularia abrupta" Proceedings in Sri Lanka Assoc. Advmt. Sci., 43 (1), 219, 1987.


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