Jaci Pabst


Jaclyn Pabst
Forest Hills Eastern High School


Jaci graduated Marquette University in 2004 with a B.S. in Teaching Chemistry.

I went on to take a position teaching high school chemistry and physics at Forest Hills Eastern High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  While at Marquette I researched under Dr. Charles Wilkie and dealt with fire retardant polymers.  Currently, I am pursuing my Masters of Arts in Education from Cornerstone University.

Marquette prepared me for the job market and real life in so many aspects.  I was able to easily pick up in a master’s program where I left off as an undergraduate.  The Jesuit education truly produces well-rounded students.  I have had a number of high school students come to be about many other academic matters beside science, and I have felt capable of helping them in most areas. 


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