Chemistry Colloquia

2019 Fall

Lectures are held at 4:00 pm on Fridays in room 121 of the Todd Wehr Chemistry Building, unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 30
"Kinetic Asymmetry allows Macromolecular Catalysts to Drive an Information Ratchet"
Dr. Dean Astumian, University of Maine (OK)

Sep. 6
Nakamoto Lecture
"Catalyst-controlled C-H Functionalization"
Dr. Huw Davies, Emory University (JC)

Sep. 27
"Quantum Information and Quantum Computing for Complex Chemical
Dr. Sabre Kais, Purdue University (DB)

Oct. 4
"Sulfenic Acid Anions: Stereoselective Alkylations, Synthetic
Applications and Computational Analysis"
Dr. Adrian Schwan, University of Guelph (QT)

Oct. 11
"Designing Bio-inspired Coordination Complexes for Sustainable
Energy Solutions: Synthesis, Reactivity and Mechanism"
Dr. Anusree Mukherjee, University of Alabama-Huntsville (JH)

Oct. 25
"New Frontiers in Proteomics – Proteoforms, RNA-binding Proteins,
and the Immunopeptidome"
Dr. Lloyd Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison (NR)

Nov. 1
"Can We Beat Nature? New Antibiotics based on Old Natural
Dr. Ian Seiple, University of California-San Francisco (JC)

Nov. 8
"Seeking Chemical Tools to Help Fight the Opioid Crisis"
Dr. Tom Bannister, Scripps Research Institute-Florida (CD)

Nov. 22
"High-valent Co2(μ-O)2 Diamond Core Complexes: New Bio-inspired
Strategies for Aliphatic C–H Bond Activation"
Dr. Dong Wang, University of Montana (AF)

Dec. 6
"Viruses, Bacteria and the Art of Genome Surgery"
Dr. Blake Wedienheft, Montana State University (BIMB)
***This talk begins at 3 pm***