Chemistry Colloquia

2020 Spring

Lectures are held at 4:00 pm on Fridays in room 121 of the Todd Wehr Chemistry Building, unless otherwise noted.

**Lectures scheduled between Mar. 12 and May 10 have been cancelled.**
**The Habermann Lecture on Apr. 17 has been postponed.**

Jan. 24
"Rydberg Atom Array for Quantum Simulation and Information
Dr. Hannes Bernien, University of Chicago (DB)

Jan. 31
"Synthesis and Reactivity of Terminal Co Oxo Complex"
Dr. John Anderson, University of Chicago (AF)

Feb. 21
“Reactive Intermediates in Gold(I) Catalysis”
Dr. Ross Widenhoefer, Duke University (CSY)

Feb. 28
“Novel Instrumentation and Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of
Transition Metal Catalyzed Alkene Polymerization”
Dr. Clark Landis, University of Wisconsin-Madison (SAR)

Mar. 6
“Cooperativity in Catalysis: A Novel Method for Enantioselective
Transformations with Complex Substrates”
Dr. Mukund Sibi, North Dakota State University (WD)

Mar. 20 
“Fantastic Voyage: Designing Self-powered Nano/microbots”
Dr. Ayusman Sen, Pennsylvania State University (OK)

Mar. 27
“Smart and Programmable Sponges”
Dr. Omar Farha, Northwestern University (JH)

Apr. 3
“Conformational Disorder in Regulation of Biological and Nonbiological
Dr. Vincenzo Venditti, Iowa State University (NR)

Apr. 17 
Habermann Lecture
"Catalyst-controlled C-H Functionalization"
Dr. Christopher C. Cummins, MIT (JG)

Apr. 24
“Synthetic Applications of Enzyme-inspired Bimetallic and
Polypeptide Catalysts”
Dr. David Michaelis, Brigham Young University (JC)

May 1
“Synthesis of Bioactive Indole Alkaloids”
Dr. Rod Andrade, Temple University (CD)