Chemistry Colloquia

2021 Fall Seminar Series

On each Friday at 4:00 pm in the Todd Wehr Chemistry Building, room 121.

September 24
"Functional Materials from Bicyclic Bridged Building Blocks"
Dr. Tim Swager, MIT and Rathore Distinguished Lecturer

October 1
"Beyond Instructional Practices: Characterizing Learning Environments that Support Students in Making Sense of Phenomena"
Dr. Ryan Stowe, UW-Madison

October 8
“New Base-Promoted Oxidative and Reductive Coupling Reactions”
Dr. Jeff Bandar, Colorado State University

October 15
“Engineering with biolmolecular motors and enzyme cascades”
Dr. Henry Hess, Columbia University 

October 29
“New Chemical Space from Cross-Electrophile Coupling”
Dr. Dan Weix, UW-Madison

November 5
"From the Lab Bench to the Marketplace-A Chemist's Experiences in Developing Biotherapeutic Products"
Dr. Gene Kroeff, alumni-series selected speaker

November 19 @ 3:00pm
"How can life begin on the early Earth and Mars?"
Dr. Dave Deamer, UC-Santa Cruz (student-invited speaker)

December 3
“Structural Biology of a Chromatin-Modifying Complex-Unexpected Lessons from Compatriots”
Dr. Ishwar Radhakrishnan, Northwestern