Cognitive science is the study of the mind – thought, learning and mental organization – through the integrated use of methods and concepts from various disciplines, including psychology, philosophy, computer science, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, mathematics, linguistics, biology and anthropology.

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Faculty in Focus

TedWatch Dr. Nakia Gordon's TEDx talk about emotional responses to photographs of violence (begins at 2:49:00).

GuhaWatch Dr. Shion Guha on TMJ4, discussing how background checks can go wrong.


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Congratulations to CogSci major Andrew Depkon for receiving the Francis X. Boden Award for outstanding philosophy major!

Congratulations to CogSci faculty member Dr. Shion Guha for receiving an NSF CRII award! Among other things, this will fund his current project to examine and understand algorithmic biases in the criminal justice system in Wisconsin. 

Congratulations to CogSci faculty member Dr. Kristy Nielson for receiving two major grants to work on Alzheimer's disease risk factors, and for winning the Lawrence G. Haggerty Award for Research Excellence!