There is no better time to elevate your career.

Lifelong learning is essential in today’s workforce to learn new skills, stay current on industry trends, and be competitive in the marketplace. Marquette University is your partner in upskilling through professional development. We offer skill-building programs across industry sectors to support you in your journey. 


Professional Development and Certificate Programs at Marquette University

Professional Development

Expand your skills and learn from the best in your industry. Our non-degree professional certificates and courses are designed for working professionals in business, data analytics, physical therapy, kinesiology and more.

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Continuous Learning Is for Anyone:

Pursuing professional development without a long-term commitment. 

Recognizing the gaps between their skill sets and those valued in the job market.

Seeking to expand their knowledge and skill sets within a current (or new) position.

Looking for a career change or to enhance their current role.