2023 Privacy Day Research Symposium

The Marquette Center for Data, Ethics, and Society celebrated Data Privacy Day on January 30, 2023 with a research symposium focused on the privacy & security dimensions of smart homes and devices.

Privacy Day 2023 - Dr Jessica Vitak

The featured presentation was "Reimagining Data Collection and Use in the Age of Smart Devices", by Dr. Jessica Vitak, an associate professor in the College of Information Studies and an affiliate professor in the Communication Department at the University of Maryland. Dr. Vitak's work seeks to understand how privacy concerns play a role in technology adoption and use, and she develops tools and resources to help children and adults make more informed decisions when using technology and sharing sensitive data.

Privacy Day 2023 panelThe event included a researcher panel & discussion on “Privacy & Security Dimensions of Smart Devices”, featuring insights from:

  • Dr. Debbie Perouli, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at Marquette University.
  • Dr. Kelly Quinn, a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Dr. Rahul Chatterjee, an Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin—Madison

A student research showcase also highlighted work-in-progress presented by:

• Nick Ceccio, University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Alex Gebhard, Marquette University
• Nidhi Nellore, Marquette University 
• Farhat Tasnim Progga, Marquette University
• Sophie Stephenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison