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Roy C Avila Roy C Avila Information Technology and Data Systems Coordinator (414) 288-6724
Andrew  Babb-Fowler Andrew Babb-Fowler Counselor UB, Upward Bound (414) 288-5337
Michelle  Barbeyto Michelle Barbeyto Office Associate, Central Office (414) 288-2525
Cheryl  Brenner Cheryl Brenner Mathematics Specialist , Educational Opportunity Program (414) 288 -3639
Maggie  Cinto Maggie Cinto Pre-College Coordinator (414) 288-4763
Debbie  Duff Debbie Duff Financial Aid Counselor, Student Support Services (414) 288-5538
Gregory  Frederick Gregory Frederick Grant Proposal Coordinator (414) 288-4021
Sonia  Garcia Sonia Garcia McNair Scholars Program Coordinator, McNair Scholars Program 414-288-7034
Greg  Griffin Greg Griffin Counselor- Student Support Services (414) 288-3127
Latrice  Harris-Collins Latrice Harris-Collins Interim Director Educational Opportunity Program, Educational Opportunity Program (414) 288-6798
Joseph  Hughes Joseph Hughes Mathematics Specialist (414) 288-5040
Ashlie  Jones Ashlie Jones Advisor - Educational Talent Search (414) 288-7584
Richard  Lewis Richard Lewis Writing Specialist (414) 288-5392
Yolanda  Lucas Yolanda Lucas Budget Associate (414) 288-3456
Jeydelyn  Martinez Jeydelyn Martinez Office Associate - Student Support Services 414-288-5336
Donte  McFadden Donte McFadden Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Research and High Impact Practices (McNair Director) (414) 288-3011
Yvonne  Printz Yvonne Printz Counselor, Student Support Services (414) 288-5335
Ericka  Reed Ericka Reed Counselor-Recruiter, Student Support Services (414) 288-7527
Kiarra  Reid Kiarra Reid Assistant Director - Pre-College Programs (414) 288-5231
Natalie  Reinbold Natalie Reinbold Assistant Director - EOP College Division, Student Support Services 414 288 5343
Steve  Robertson Steve Robertson Associate Director for Precollege Programs (414) 288-5950
Keonia   Stovall Keonia Stovall Counselor - UB (414) 288-5391
Imelda  Williams Imelda Williams Office Associate, Pre-College Programs (414) 288-5573
Wendy  Xiong Wendy Xiong Office Associate, Business Office (414) 288-3457