How to Answer the Call

Contact Congress and the White House

TRIO programs have had a profound impact on low-income, first-generation students. They have changed the trajectory of thousands of lives — and the lives of students' families and communities. Despite TRIO's success, these programs are at risk. 

Contact your elected officials to tell them to keep funding TRIO:

Support your local TRIO program

TRIO program students benefit when they're connected with alumni at the high school through graduate school levels. Alumni have provided internship opportunities, hosted trips for students to visit businesses and graduate schools, and even led etiquette dinners to prepare students for professional events.

As federal budgets get tighter, programs have had to do so much more with less. Any time or resource you can contribute is helpful. Now's your opportunity to tutor, mentor or network with a high school or college participant.

Raise awareness

Tell people that TRIO works, and encourage students to apply to a TRIO program. The Council for Opportunity in Education is a national nonprofit resource that can provide information about TRIO programs and the colleges, universities and agencies that host TRIO programs. To learn more about EOP at Marquette, visit

Join the Educational Opportunity Program Alumni Group

Keep up to date on EOP and connect with alumni of the program through the Educational Opportunity Program Alumni Group on LinkedIn.