The mission of the Marquette Educational Talent Search Program is to identify disadvantaged youth with potential for post-secondary education, encourage them to continue in and graduate from secondary schools and to enroll in postsecondary education programs. In addition, Marquette Educational Talent Search encourages high school dropouts to return to school.

METS seeks to use evidenced-based, innovative practices to give project participants the resources, supports, and pathways to success into, though, and beyond a postsecondary degree. Specifically, METS seeks to engage participants in a rigorous course of secondary education, support their success in such a rigorous course of study, help them to smoothly transition into a postsecondary program, and be successful in attaining a postsecondary degree.

First, we seek to increase persistence in and graduation from a high school with a rigorous curriculum for all project participants. Second, we aim to increase participants’ ability to apply for admission and be admitted to postsecondary institution. Finally, we will increase participants’ likelihood to persist in and graduate from college.