2016 Ethics of Big Data Symposium

SYMPOSIUM: Ethics of Big Data

Date: Friday, April 22, 2016 (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Room #163, Alumni Memorial Union, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Computer Science today is not just about programming computers to perform certain routine tasks. In the past computing intensive operations were primarily the focus of computer science. But today the focus has shifted to data intensive operations. And this data is of Exabyte and Zettabyte magnitude. Who is generating this data? What is this data being used for? How do enterprises use this data to promote their own growth? Where does the “individual person” feature, if he/she does feature, in how this data is being used?

More than just issues of privacy, security and data ownership, questions can also be raised about how algorithms are making social decisions, decisions that impact society at large. Further, do such applications limit the choices available to an individual? Do such applications determine (or at least greatly influence) the choices one makes? Being bombarded with catchy advertisements usually with a time-bound offer may “force” individuals to fall prey to the offer. Is such a practice “right”? In addition, other themes we may exploreinclude threatsto and possibilities forhuman freedom, concerns aboutdepersonalizationposed by new forms of technology, andhow Facebook and other social networking sites impact moral and social development.

This inter-disciplinary symposium will be held on Friday, 22 April 2016 (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) at Marquette University. It is being jointly organized by the Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science, and the Department of Philosophy at Marquette University and is being sponsored by the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences.

This is the first time that a symposium of this nature is being offered. We are looking forward to leadership from business enterprises to engage with academia in this important conversation. We seek multi-disciplinary academic participation from departments such as Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Studies, Health Sciences, Law, and Philosophy.

Keynote speakers

  • Mr Kord Davis, author of Ethics of Big Data: Parsing Values in Big Data
  • Dr Katherine Rickus, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI: Is Bigger Data Better?

Session #One

  • Dr Jo Ann Oravec, Professor, Information Technology and Supply Chain Management, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, WI: Gaming the “Black Boxes” of Internet Search Engines and Reputation Systems; The Crowdsourcing and Commodification of Folk Knowledge and Gaming Strategies
  • Dr Michael Zimmer, Associate Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI: Research Ethics in the Big Data Era: Addressing Conceptual Gaps for Researchers ad IRBs
  • Dr Kevin Gibson, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI: Data Purity and Data Pollution

Session #Two

  • Dr Rajeev Bukralia, Director of Data Science Outreach, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI: Mitigating Discrimination and Privacy Risks in Big Data Analytics through Data Governance
  • Ms Camille Monahan, Attorney for the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Office, Milwaukee, WI: Big Data and Wearable Technology in the Workplace: If the Fit Bits: Wear It

Session #Three

  • Dr Steven Parker, IT Program Manager, Traffic Operations & Safety Lab, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI: Big Data in Transportation: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Mr Randall S. Kirk, EVP & Chief Scientist, Direct Supply Inc., Milwaukee, WI: Customer Data meets Big Data
  • Ms Patricia Imberger, Vice President Prac Informatics Med Grp, Director of Clinical Informatics, Aurora Health Care & Ms Tracy Greiten, Director, Operational Informatics, Aurora Health Care, Milwaukee, WI: How Big is Healthcare Big Data

Panel Discussion

  • Moderator: Mr Dan Martens, President & CEO, Misix, 4 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 930, Westchester, IL 60154.