Learning Process

The Examen(ed) Church seeks to provide an opportunity for churches to enter into a two-year long process of reflection and discernment.  Each participating congregation will assemble a core group of congregation members (called the Thrive Team) to represent the church to take part in this initiative.  The Thrive Team will engage with the practice of personal and collective reflection using the framework of the Ignatian Spiritual Practice of the Examen.

TEC is designed to come alongside churches as they reflect upon what God may be up to in their community and help discern toward a practical plan of action concerning one or all three of the following areas: awareness of and adaptation to the changing context, clarifying mission and values, and deepening Christian practice.

To help cultivate the practice of reflection and the movement toward a discernment to action, a congregation’s Thrive Team will...

  • Participate in the required regular activities of The Examen(ed) Church—reflection, workshops, and discernment.
  • Engage in guided personal and group reflection on their own spiritual journey, the experience of the church, and the needs of the community.
  • Share the fruits of reflection with the congregation and church leaders.
  • Discern together with church leadership and congregation a specific response to their reflection and learning