In today's rapidly changing world, there is intense demand for women and men who understand other cultures and can communicate in more languages than their own. They know that a new language is an open door into very different ways of living and understanding the world.


In addition to challenging you to use German as precisely as your native language, studying German at Marquette lets you immerse yourself in the life, civilization, literature and dramatic history of today’s Germany. It’s a nation at the heart of Western thought, institutions, culture and politics.

Small classes.

For a better understanding and proficiency in your German major, we limit class sizes to encourage greater student participation.

It's in our blood.

Study in Milwaukee, a city known for its German heritage, restaurants and architecture.

Some of the classes you'll take:

  • German I - IV
  • German Composition and Conversation
  • Workshop in German/English Translation
  • Thematic Surveys in German Literature
  • Topics in German Culture
  • Phenomenology and Existentialism
  • Marx and Marxism

For a complete listing of required courses for the program in German, please visit the Marquette University Online Bulletin at this link.