Confidence, intelligence, clarity, eloquence, integrity, justice — these are the ideals of the legal profession. They are also the goals of the pre-law experience at Marquette. Marquette will equip you with the compass and tools to navigate law school and, more importantly, to excel in your practice of the profession, no matter what path you choose.

Learn from a leader.

Marquette University Law School, a force in legal education for more than 90 years, is right on campus, giving you a great opportunity to get the inside story on law school admissions. (After all, we do know what it takes to get in.)


From Marquette's Legal Research Center — available to undergraduates — to the nearby Milwaukee County Courthouse and Federal Courthouse, you'll be surrounded by opportunities to experience the demands of the profession before you even start law school.

Sports law.

Marquette University Law School is home to the nation's most comprehensive Sports LawProgram. The Program features 18 sports law courses, opportunities to participate in various internal and national sports law competitions, networking opportunities with individuals from the sports industry throughout the year, and the opportunity to become a student leader in a half dozen student organizations. Students can also earn a Sports Law Certificate from the National Sports Law Institute, which includes several required sports law courses, and features multiple student internships with sports organizations throughout the country, and the opportunity to become a member of the Marquette Sports Law Review. The goal of the Program is to provide law students with a practical education concerning legal regulation of the United States amateur and professional sports industries as well as an understanding Olympic, international, and comparative sports law issues. The skills learned within the Program are also transferrable to all areas of law practice.

Get sharp.

Through the University Core of Common Studies, at the heart of every major, you'll hone the intellectual skills — such as communication, critical reading, reasoning, writing and research — that you'll need for law school and legal practice.

Have you reached a verdict?

See how you stack up against the competition by joining Marquette's mock trial team, giving you a chance to compete against other college mock trial teams. During the past several years, Marquette has had at least one of its student lawyers earn recognition among the best attorneys in the mock trial competitions.

Pick up the pace as a Pre-law Scholar.

If you are chosen, through a separate application process, to be one of our 25 Pre-law Scholars, you'll have the opportunity to complete your bachelor's degree and law degree in only six years rather than the seven usually required. Pre-law Scholars enjoy conditional admission to Marquette University Law School upon completion of their junior year at Marquette.

Pre-law Scholars' qualifications

  • Available to incoming freshmen in the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration or Communication
  • SAT combined 1280 or ACT composite 27
  • Top 25 percent of high school class

Go to to apply.

What should I study for pre-law?

Pre-law is not a major at Marquette. It's a statement of your intention to someday go to law school. Law schools don't require specific majors, but they recommend that you take a rigorous curriculum that develops your reading, writing, speaking, critical- and logical-thinking skills.

Marquette's most popular pre-law majors are:

The best advice is to choose a major area that you enjoy. If you enjoy it, chances are pretty good that you'll do well in it. If you do well in it, you'll be an attractive candidate for law school admission.