Père Marquette Awards

All applicants to Marquette are considered for the Père Marquette award program. These awards are competitive and determined by reviewing all information provided by an applicant as well as the overall applicant pool. The committee reviews a student’s academic work, rigor of curriculum, community service, leadership, and other factors.

Historically, freshman applicants who have excelled in the classroom, performed well on standardized examinations and those who can make a significant contribution to the Marquette community have received awards from Marquette. Transfer applicants are reviewed based upon a combination of college and high school performance, as well as leadership and service activities. This scholarship is renewable each semester of a recipient's four-year (eight-semester) undergraduate program provided the recipient remains in good academic standing with his or her respective college. For additional program details about this award, review the applicable Award Information Guide, available from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Scholarship information


Award amount

  • Varies



  • Freshman applicants: Dec. 1
  • Transfer applicants: No deadline. Applicants from four- and two-year colleges are considered for this award on an ongoing basis until funds are exhausted.


Selection guidelines

  • High school seniors and transfer students
  • Freshman scholars are selected based on academics, scores, leadership, community service and other factors
  • Transfer scholars are selected based on academics, leadership and community service



  • No additional application is required. By applying for admission, you are considered for the Père Marquette award.