What Can You Do With a Major in Applied Physics?

Applied Physics major careers and job

What do manufacturing, aerospace and medical imaging have in common? Applied Physics! Our graduates are prepared to successfully compete for and perform in professional work across a broad range, including physics, engineering, education or related fields. The applied physics major also serves as an excellent pathway for students intending to pursue graduate study. 

Jobs for applied physics majors

Graduates in applied physics will be well prepared for careers in the following fields: 

  • Chemical and environmental industries
  • Computer and electronics engineering
  • Computer science
  • Energy and nanotechnology
  • Graduate school
  • Medical physics
  • Physics research (in acaedmic, national or industrial laboratories)
  • Interdisciplinary fields involving physics, mathematics and computation
  • Teaching and education
  • Technical area in industry and government

What is a major in applied physics?

With the applied physics major, students study a core physics curriculum along with practical and engineering techniques and applications, and carry out an intensive research or work-study program in preparation for employment, specialist vocational training or further specialized study.