Family Studies Minor

“Family studies is not just a minor that deals with the idea of family – it is an in-depth study about the constructs/structure of the family, how it operates, functions and what constitutes a family.” – Amanda

The Marquette University family studies interdisciplinary minor introduces students to scholarship pertaining to the family across many disciplinary perspectives. The course of study in the minor is geared toward bridging vocabularies and interpretations of family, providing students with an understanding of the complex meanings of family life.

The program combines social scientific, applied and humanistic approaches to family issues. In addition, the family studies interdisciplinary minor seeks to demonstrate ways in which knowledge about family allows for the development of personal and professional growth as well as the application of principles of social justice.

I am glad I decided on the family studies minor. I enjoyed all of the classes I took for it very much. – Jenna 


Contact: Dr. Joshua Ezra Burns
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs/Interm Director, Family Studies
Klingler College of Arts and Sciences