Family Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Requirements

Students may choose from a broad range of courses to satisfy the 18-hour requirement for the minor.

Two courses are required:

The Sociology 2200 course should be taken before other courses in the minor, or at least as soon as the student has decided to do the minor. The Seminar on the Family course should be taken last, after the five other courses have been completed or during the student's last year of study.

The student is free to choose the four remaining courses, the only restriction being that at least one course from each of the following three categories must be chosen.

Category 1: Family As Experience

Anthropology ANTH 3330
English Literature ENGL 4710
History HIST 4150 and HIST 4245
Health (open to all students) HEAL 1025
Philosophy PHIL 3730
Sociology SOCI 3280
Theology THEO 4410

Category 2: Family as a System Within Society

Communication Studies CMST 4130
Education (ed majors only) EDUC 1001
Communication COMM 4100
Communication Studies CMST 4120
Psychology (for majors) PSYC 3101, PSYC 3120 & PSYC 4720
Psychology (for non-psych majors) PSYC 2101, 4720 & PSYC 3550
Sociology SOCI 4300, SOCI 4450 & SOCI 4931

Category 3: Family as a Resource for Human Needs

Communication Studies CMST 4110
Criminology CRLS 2100 & CRLS 4640
Education EDUC 4217 
Nursing (nursing students only) NURS 3800 & NURS 3964
Psychology PSYC 3130 & PSYC 3410
Social Welfare and Justice SOWJ 3370 & SOWJ 3001

Some additional courses may be acceptable toward requirements. See the program coordinator for prior approval for courses not listed above or for substitutions.

View class descriptions in the Marquette University Bulletin of Courses.