Family Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Requirements

The minor consists of six courses (18 credit hours): two required courses (6 credit hours) and four courses (12 credit hours) of electives with courses from at least two categories I-III listed below. Students may not count more than two courses from any discipline. 


Required Courses

SOCI 2200 (3 credits) The Family should be taken before other courses in the minor, or at least as soon as the student has selected the minor.

INFS 4953 (3 credits) Interdisciplinary Seminar in Family Studies should be taken as a culmination of the minor, which is typically during the student’s last year of study.


Students choose four courses from at least two different categories listed below:

Category I - Courses in the Humanities

Children's Literature  
Women Writers  
A History of Women in America  
Childhood in America  
Family, Church, and Society  

Category II - Courses in the Social Sciences

Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice  
Policy and Practice for Children Impacted by Incarceration  
Sex Offenses and Offenders  
Family Violence and Public Intervention  
Introduction to Life-Span Developmental Psychology for the Health Professions  
Developmental Psychology: Conception Through Adolescence  
Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging  
Childhood Psychopathology  
Psychology of Gender Roles  
Psychology of Marriage and Family  
Topics in Psychology (Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorders for the Profession) 1  
Sociology of Sex and Gender  
Immigrants and their Communities  
Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice  
Social Welfare Policy and Services  
Policy and Practice for Children Impacted by Incarceration  
Practice Skills with Individuals and Families  
Social Welfare and the Law  

Category III - Additional Elective Courses

Family Communication  
Gendered Communication  
Intergenerational Communication  
Psychological Development: Children and Adolescents  
Educating Exceptional Learners  
Topics in Education (Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorders for the Profession)   
Culture and Health  
Maternity Nursing and Women's Health-Theory  
Family Centered Nursing of Children-Theory  
Autism for the Professions  

Additional courses may be acceptable toward the requirements. See the program director to recieve prior approval for any courses not listed above or for any substitutions. 

View class descriptions in the Marquette University Bulletin of Courses.


Declaring the Minor

Download and complete the Add or Change a Minor: Undergraduate form and follow its instructions.