• Rita Aleman. Program Manager, Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education, Law School.

  • Dan Bergen. Executive Director, Office of Community Engagement

  • Mary Czech-Mrochinski. Associate Vice President for Public Affairs

  • Valerie Del Campo. Executive Vice President, MUSG

  • Kathy Coffey-Guenther. Associate Vice President of Mission and Ministry

  • Meredith Gillespie. President, MUSG

  • Angie Harris. Associate Professor and Director of Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies

  • Joya Crear. Assistant Vice President, Division of Student Affairs

  • Tammy Johnson. Assistant Director, University Special Events/Office of Public Affairs

  • Brandon Koble. Graduate Student Organization President

  • Madeline Nordholm. Graduate Student Organization Community Integration Chair

  • Amanda Gottheardt. Project Specialist, Office of Marketing and Communication

  • John Su. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (steering committee chair)

  • William Welburn. Executive Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Susan Longhenry. Director, Haggerty Museum of Art

  • Robert Smith. Harry G. John Professor and Director of the Center for Urban Research, Teaching, and Outreach

  • Amber Wichowsky. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science


Dr. John Su
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs 
Office of the Provost
(414) 288-3476