Ignatian Year Prayers

Dear Lord,

We know that we will have cannonballs to face in our lives.

Unexpected events that may leave us shattered.

In those times, we pray that you draw even nearer to us.

Lend us the vision to see these circumstances as a way to grow closer to you.

Lead us from lost job to revitalized career.

Let our failed dreams uncover strength and resilience.

Channel the sorrow of tragedy into action for good.

When cannonballs hit, we will lean on your grace.

We will embrace your invitation to let ourselves be guided.

We will find purpose in what you have planned for us.

In times of darkness, show us the ways we can make things better.

Lord, help our cannonball moments transform us,

so that through us, the world — and everyone in it — can be transformed.


Visit the Faith at Marquette site for an index of Prayers from the Ignatian Tradition.

Schneider window

The image shown in the stained-glass window of the Donald J. Schneider Chapel in the Dr. E. J. O'Brien Jesuit Residence on Marquette's campus depicts a crucial moment. It's the moment when St. Ignatius of Loyola received from God the most profound enlightenment while praying by the river Cardoner near the village of Manresa, Spain, in 1522. Ignatius later described how his enlightenment was “so strong that all things seemed new to him. … [Indeed] the many things he had learned throughout his 62 years, taken together … would not amount to what he had received on that single occasion.” See more from the Digital Pilgrimage of Marquette's Sacred Spaces.