Guidelines for Developing a Concept Paper

Submitting a concept paper helps provide all the necessary information required for consideration. Keep in mind concepts should not exceed three pages must include the following:

  • A description of the academic program.
  • Identify how new program is consistent with university mission and promotes strategic initiatives of the college and university.
  • How the new program is consistent with the strength and core competencies of the department and/or college/school.
  • Capability of college/department to deliver the new program with high quality.
  • Program is not similar to or does not compete with a current or planned program within the university.
  • Sustainability of program on a long-term basis.
  • Are the characteristics of the new program distinctive from similar programs offered by the competition?
  • General statement on student outcomes, market outlook and preliminary enrollment goals.
  • Overview of all resource requirements both operating and capital.
  • Potential to enhance the reputation of Marquette.
  • Identify where the program would be administratively housed.

*Taken from the Provost’s Academic Program Approval Guidelines.