How to Begin the Incubator Process

Review Process

Prospective or current programs are invited to apply for consideration for residence. 

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There are multiple moving parts in program development and revitalization from initial concept to implementation.  A first step in the process is setting a meeting with the Director of the Program Incubator to explore the idea.  

As discussions in the department and with the college about the prospective new or revitalized program develop, general assessment (including broad market analysis) is available for those interested in further exploration.

Following early examination of the viability of pursuing a new or revitalizing an existing program, formal next steps include developing a concept paper for new program development (see Guidelines for Developing a Concept Paper) or determining the appropriate type of proposal for a program revitalization.  During this process, foundational information will be documented, including:

  • Curricular grounding.
  • Likely viability, given the market conditions described.
  • Initial enrollment and expense projections.
  • Consistency with Marquette’s mission as described in the strategic plan.

Documenting this information opens the door to the proposal development process.

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